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10th Gen Intel Core Desktop Processors offer up to ten cores and 5.3 GHz boost clocks

10th Gen Intel Core Desktop Processors offer up to ten cores and 5.3 GHz boost clocks

by Vyncent ChanApril 30, 2020
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The much leaked 10th Gen Intel Core desktop parts are finally official! The Comet Lake-S processors offer more cores and higher clocks than their predecessors, but at not much higher prices, which is good news for anyone wanting to build a new desktop PC based on Intel’s mainstream platform.

10th Gen Intel Core Desktop Processors offer up to ten cores and 5.3 GHz boost clocks 25

You do need a new motherboard though, as the 10th Gen Intel Core processors fit into the LGA 1200 socket instead. The new socket is important as you would expect them to draw more power than their 9th Gen counterparts, what with their higher core counts and clocks too, which might mean entry-level LGA1151 boards won’t be able to support their power demands.

10th gen intel core overclocking

The new LGA 1200 motherboards will pack the Intel Z490 chipset which offer support for WiFi 6 via the integrated WiFi 6 AX201 with CNVi. Intel is also pushing the 10th Gen Intel Core processors’ overclockability on the unlocked K-SKUs, so you can expect many premium boards to offer advanced overclocking features from Intel’s partners. For those who prefer software-based overclocking, Intel will also be updating Intel Extreme Tuning Utility to allow for more finetuned overclocking, including voltage/frequency curve adjustments.

10th gen intel core thin die stim

They are optimizing the CPUs for overclocking so much that they have moved towards thinning the CPU die itself to improve the rate at which heat can be dissipated away from the silicon. Solder Thermal Interface Material (STIM) will be featured on all unlocked K-SKUs, as well as all the Core i9 and Core i7 parts.

10th Gen Intel Core “Comet Lake-S” Desktop Processors Specs

SKUBase Clock (GHz)Max Boost (GHz)All Core Boost (GHz)Cores/ThreadsCacheTDPPrice
Core i9-10900K3.75.3 (With TVB)4.9 (With TVB)10C/20T20MB125W$488 (~RM2101)
Core i9-10900KF3.75.3 (With TVB)4.9 (With TVB)10C/20T20MB125W$472 (~RM2032)
Core i9-109002.85.2 (With TVB)4.6 (With TVB)10C/20T20MB65W$439 (~RM1891)
Core i9-10900T1.94.63.710C/20T20MB35W$439 (~RM1891)
Core i9-10900F2.85.2 (With TVB)4.6 (With TVB)10C/20T20MB65W$422 (~RM1818)
Core i7-10700K3.85.14.78C/16T16MB125W$374 (~RM1611)
Core i7-10700KF3.85.14.78C/16T16MB125W$349 (~RM1503)
Core i7-10700T2.04.53.78C/16T16MB35W$325 (~RM1400)
Core i7-107002.94.84.68C/16T16MB65W$323 (~RM1391)
Core i7-10700F2.94.84.68C/16T16MB65W$298 (~RM1284)
Core i5-10600K4.14.84.56C/12T12MB125W$262 (~RM1128)
Core i5-10600KF4.14.84.56C/12T12MB125W$237 (~RM1021)
Core i5-106003.34.84.46C/12T12MB65W$213 (~RM917)
Core i5-10600T2.44.53.76C/12T12MB35W$213 (~RM917)
Core i5-105003.14.54.26C/12T12MB65W$192 (~RM827)
Core i5-10500T2.33.83.56C/12T12MB35W$192 (~RM827)
Core i5-104002.94.34.06C/12T12MB65W$182 (~RM784)
Core i5-10400T2.03.63.26C/12T12MB35W$182 (~RM784)
Core i5-10400F2.94.34.06C/12T12MB65W$157 (~RM676)
Core i3-103203.84.64.44C/8T8MB65W$154 (~RM663)
Core i3-103003.74.44.24C/8T8MB65W$143 (~RM616)
Core i3-10300T3.03.93.64C/8T8MB35W$143 (~RM616)
Core i3-101003.64.34.14C/8T6MB65W$122 (~RM525)
Core i3-10100T3.03.83.54C/8T6MB35W$122 (~RM525)

10th gen intel core performance

Intel promises up to 33% higher frame rates in games and up to 18% better performance in productivity with the 10th Gen Intel Core processors versus the 9th Gen Intel Core processors. Meanwhile for those looking for more affordable options, there are also the Comet Lake-S based Pentium Gold and Celeron processors:

Pentium Gold and Celeron Comet Lake-S desktop Processors

SKUBase Clock (GHz)Cores/ThreadsCachePrice
Pentium Gold G66004.22C/4T4MB$86 (~RM370)
Pentium Gold G65004.12C/4T4MB$75 (~RM323)
Pentium Gold G6500T3.52C/4T4MB$75 (~RM323)
Pentium Gold G64004.02C/4T4MB$64 (~RM276)
Pentium Gold G6400T3.42C/4T4MB$64 (~RM276)
Celeron G59203.52C/2T2MB$52 (~RM224)
Celeron G59003.42C/2T2MB$42 (~RM181)
Celeron G5900T3.22C/2T2MB$42 (~RM181)

So there you have it, Intel’s latest product stack of Comet Lake-S parts. What do you think of the pricing?

Pokdepinion: I think the Core i9-10900 would have been a nice upgrade for many gamers, but the requirement for new boards makes it that much less enticing…

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