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AMD mysterious “Magnum” chip show up — NVIDIA Tegra rival at last?

AMD mysterious “Magnum” chip show up — NVIDIA Tegra rival at last?

by Muhammad FirdausOctober 27, 2015
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A few days ago a mysterious AMD chip has shown up in Zauba referring to a “PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD ASSEMBLY-AMD DTV HDMI / DVI FPGA IOBOARD P / N .102-B49101-00 (FOC)“and also a “PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD ASSEMBLY-AMD MAGNUM FPGA PROTOTYPEBOARD FOR DTV P / N .102-B25432-00 (FOC)”. This two printed circuit boards have DTV HDMI/DVI, FPGA and Magnum on the shipment package.


DTV is known as digital television products, and as we know most digital TV nowadays have at least a HDMI connection on it. Magnum, as the is most probably referring to an AMD new semi-custom APU chip because it has the FPGA design.

Originally AMD owned their DTV business but sold it to Broadcom back in 2008. So if the rumors is true then it’s possible for AMD to be making a comeback in the DTV business as the NVIDIA Tegra’s rival or AMD is just baking a semi-custom chip for some clients in DTV business or game consoles.

AMD also has patents on the FPGA and HBM on a 2.5D memory interposer in the AMD Zen APU based chip. Now it seems that AMD is taking on FPGA design seriously and is ready to release products based on it. There’s also the possibility that the Magnum is the AMD R-Series SoC APU and we will know it sooner or later. This could be a sign that AMD is preparing to launch more new products, and it seems AMD is about to launch its own multi-entertainment device class.


Pokdepinion : Maybe this is the reason why AMD formed the Radeon Technology Group because it’s mainly responsible for overseeing all aspects of graphics technologies used in AMD’s APU, discrete GPU, semi-custom, and GPU compute products.

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