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AMD Ryzen 2 to be built on 12nm; to arrive early next year

AMD Ryzen 2 to be built on 12nm; to arrive early next year

by Vyncent ChanSeptember 30, 2017
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AMD is having a good run with their current Ryzen CPUs codenamed Summit Ridge, but they are going to take it to the next level with their upcoming Ryzen 2 series, codenamed Pinnacle Ridge. Based on the same Zen architecture, Pinnacle Ridge will also use the current AM4 socket, true to AMD’s promise to support the socket four to five years.

AMD has plans to release the Pinnacle 7 CPUs which will succeed the current Ryzen 7 lineup in February 2018, with the Pinnacle 5 and Pinnacle 3 CPUs to follow later in March 2018. There aren’t many details about Pinnacle Ridge known aside from the fact that it will feature up to 8 core CPUs and it is set to be built on GloFo’s 12nm LP process node.

There will also be new motherboard chipsets to accompany the new Pinnacle Ridge CPUs. The X470 and B450 chipsets will still be designed by ASMedia and are expected to start shipping in January 2018 according to reports. AMD’s slides point to the Pinnacle Ridge CPUs to work with the same AMD “Promontory” chipset that Ryzen CPUs worked with, so the 400-series should be backward-compatible with Ryzen as well. We do not know what new features it will bring to the table but rumors are pointing towards Thunderbolt 3.

Pokdepinion: If the new Pinnacle Ridge CPUs can reach at least 4.5 GHz, AMD will rip Intel a new one again, just as Coffee Lake is starting to show some promise.

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