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Intel Blasts AMD for False Marketing of CPU Boost Clocks

Intel Blasts AMD for False Marketing of CPU Boost Clocks

by Aiman MaulanaAugust 29, 2019
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Intel Blasts AMD for False Marketing of CPU Boost Clocks

It looks like Intel has fired a shot at AMD with regards to their CPU. More specifically, on their boost clocks, which Intel claims to be false marketing by the red team. A slideshow recently surfaced online which contained a slide showing quotes from certain reviews of AMD Ryzen 3000-series CPU. You can check out the slide above here.

The quotes are basically saying that the AMD Ryzen 3000-series CPU aren’t hitting the advertised boost clocks on all cores. It is Intel’s way of saying that AMD is misleading the consumers on CPU boost clocks.

While it might be true, it doesn’t necessarily affect a lot of consumers. After all, the AMD Ryzen CPUs are more affordable and definitely offer a better value-for-money purchase. Most consumers would rather see how a CPU performs across the board rather than just purely by boost clocks or clock speeds in general.

It is quite interesting to see Intel publicly commenting on this in such a manner. Given the immense pressure that AMD has put on them, one would expect them to have a big countermeasure up instead of doing something like this. Regardless, it is said that Intel has a “great strategy and great roadmap” to counter AMD. Perhaps blasting AMD is part of that strategy, which we cannot confirm ourselves.

AMD has not publicly commented on the matter at the time of this writing. While we do not expect a direct response, we will be reporting on it if more information becomes available.

Source: RespawnFirst

Pokdepinion: It does feel a wee bit childish but I think there’s a whole lot more to this than what we see. There’s definitely something big happening behind the scenes, and we may or may not know about in due time.

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