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Intel’s roadmap until Q2 2018 leaked; cheaper motherboards are to come next year

Intel’s roadmap until Q2 2018 leaked; cheaper motherboards are to come next year

by Vyncent ChanOctober 1, 2017
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In just a few days, Intel’s Coffee Lake CPUs will be available at retail stores. While the current crop looks competitive against the AMD Ryzen lineup, and there’s nothing that Intel wants more at the moment. However there are quite a few areas that Intel has yet to fill with their latest Coffee Lake CPUs.

One of the most apparent is that there are no other 300-series motherboards around except for the Z370 motherboards. The Z370 chipset allows enthusiasts to squeeze the most performance out of the unlocked K CPUs, but if you get a locked CPU, it doesn’t too much aside from SLI support. For those who want cheaper boards, the Intel H370, H310, B360 chipsets will appear in Q1 2018. That’s a mighty long wait, with AMD Ryzen 2 peeking around the corner.

Intel will also be releasing their lower-powered S variant of the Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs in Q1 2018. Those will come with TDPs of 65W and 35W, featuring anything from 2 to 6 cores.

Intel will be debuting their Intel Pentium Silver and Intel Celeron Gemini Lake processors soon in October 2017, with quad and dual core 10W SOC parts. They will only be available as BGA packages. For professional users who need Intel’s vPro technology, they will have to wait even longer, all the way until Q2 2018 for the Coffee Lake CPUs with vPro as well as the Intel Q370 and Q360 chipsets.

Source: GamersNexus

Pokdepinion: Intel’s roadmap looks a little dragged out, with budget boards being so far out. Hopefully Intel will bring forward the launch of their budget boards to help keep the Coffee Lake platform more affordable since you need new motherboards to use the 8th Gen CPUs.

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