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Samsung SE370 — world’s first wireless charging monitor

Samsung SE370 — world’s first wireless charging monitor

by Vyncent ChanJuly 27, 2015
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Say hello to the Samsung SE370 monitor, the first monitor to introduce wireless charging function for mobile devices. Now this is the first application of wireless charging that I find useful. It has a charging pad on the base of the monitor. I mean in the previous implementations, you have a charging pad, which you have to put your phone on for it to charge. Since the charging pad is a separate piece of hardware, it’s pretty much equivalent to using a cable to me, except the fact that you do not need to physically connect the phone to the charger. It also stops you from using the phone when charging, which is a very big downside for me as I Whatsapp almost constantly.

SE370 (2)


Besides supporting Qi wireless charging via the circular wireless charging pad on the base of the monitor, it’s also a very good monitor in its own right. It will serve gamers well with support for AMD FreeSync and comes with a 4ms response time. AMD FreeSync synchronizes the frame rate output of your graphics card with the monitors refresh rate, preventing tearing effect and stutters. The monitor also has a game mode which detects changes in scenes and instantly corrects blurry images, enhances colors and alters contrast for improved visibility.

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The panel used is a Samsung PLS panel which has wide viewing angles of 178 degrees. The monitor also features an eye-saver mode reduces the harmful effects of blue light on viewers’ eyes and associated eye strain by monitoring and optimizing picture quality to match specific environmental settings. Similarly, the monitor’s flicker-free function protects viewers’ eyes from the constant strain of flickering screens that can occur with standard monitors.

Below are the specifications of the monitor.




SOURCE: SamsungTomorrow


Pokdepinion: The first implementation of wireless charging that attracted me. I mean, I am going to sit in front of the monitor, and all I have to do is to just place my phone under my screen to charge it. Really a good concept to me. Not to mention the design of the monitor is also quite nice.

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