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ViewSonic introduces the VP3881; a curved, ultra-wide, pre-calibrated IPS display!

ViewSonic introduces the VP3881; a curved, ultra-wide, pre-calibrated IPS display!

by Vyncent ChanFebruary 8, 2018
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If you work with images professionally, you might want a display with calibrated colors. That’s what the ViewSonic VP3881 is all about, a monitor in ViewSonic’s VP series of professional monitors, built for color critical applications.

The ViewSonic VP3881 is huge, measuring 38″ diagonally across its 21:9 aspect ratio panel. As cinematic content is usually presented wit h a 21:9 aspect ratio, this monitor allows users to enjoy a screen-filling view instead of staring at black bars. The display also features a 2300R curvature to provide a more immersive experience, regardless if you are working or chilling. The beauty of the display is further enhanced by not having a frame on the top and sides.

Designed for color accuracy, it is calibrated out of the factory with a Delta E<2 value. A smaller Delta E value denotes more accurate colors. The SuperClear IPS panel is also designed to deliver uniformity from edge-to-edge. The ViewSonic VP3881 covers 99% of the sRGB color gamut, and also offers HDR10 support for richer colors. It also works with the Colorbration Kit to ensure color accuracy at all times. The high resolution of 3840 x 1600 also means you have the sharpness you need to work with fine details.

Aside from accurate colors and a pretty design, you will be getting a USB Type-C input to deliver video, data and power to the built-in 4-port USB hub over a single connector, as well as two HDMI 2.0 and a DisplayPort 1.4 HDR-ready inputs.

As this is a panel designed for prosumers, downtime is unacceptable. ViewSonic is offering their ViewCare program that offers customers a Zero Bright Dot (ZBD) coverage for a year. You can also take advantage of a free one-time X-Rite calibration for your ViewSonic VP3881. Premium Service coverage also means you just have to call a service center to have another monitor shipped to you, while your monitor is serviced. The ViewSonic VP3881 is covered by a 3-year warranty.

The price? A reasonable RM4999. You will be getting a great display that you can confidently use for your color sensitive work and great service. If you are interested in the ViewSonic VP3881, check out the link below:

Pokdepinion: RM4999 isn’t that expensive for a monitor that offers this kind of color accuracy and professional support. Wouldn’t mind one on my desk!

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