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AMD RX Vega custom cards to ship in August; all aboard the hype train (again)

AMD RX Vega custom cards to ship in August; all aboard the hype train (again)

by Vyncent ChanJune 25, 2017
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AMD’s cards based on the upcoming Vega architecture is one of the most anticipated updates in the PC enthusiast circle, but they have been a little late to launch. However it seems that they is finally ready to sell their latest cards. The latest report point towards AMD shipping final Vega chips to their AIB partners to finalize their custom card designs.

According to the source, AIBs will begin to ship their RX Vega cards between late July and early August. There will be a lag between shipping and retail availability, which points towards enthusiasts being able to actually purchase these cards for their gaming systems probably by late August.

At the moment, we know from the Apple iMac Pro launch that there will be at least the Vega 64 and Vega 56 variants, and also the Vega Frontier Edition designed for workstations. Let’s hope that AMD manages to satisfy the public after all the hype that has been building up around the AMD Vega GPU architecture.

Pokdepinion: Just launch the cards already!

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