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Mobile G-Sync Leaked Alpha Driver Tested And Working

Mobile G-Sync Leaked Alpha Driver Tested And Working

by Muhammad FirdausFebruary 10, 2015
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Yet another bad week for Nvidia? After GTX 970 VRAM issue, now the leaked Alpha driver enabling Mobile G-Sync to work on GTX 970M based laptop.

Here is the story from PCper :

“A few weeks ago, an ASUS Nordic Support rep inadvertently leaked an interim build of the NVIDIA driver. This was a mobile driver build (version 346.87) focused at their G751 line of laptops. One recipient of this driver link posted it to the ROG forum back on the 20th. A fellow by the name Gamenab, owing the same laptop cited in that thread, presumably stumbled across this driver, tried it out, and was more than likely greeted by this popup after the installation completed”

Here is the discussion video about the issue or we may call it “bug”:

So does really G-Sync work without selective monitor and G-Sync adapter? If it does, why not we call it Free G-Sync?

Source : PCPer

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