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NVIDIA Pascal — more than 2x the transistors in the Titan X

NVIDIA Pascal — more than 2x the transistors in the Titan X

by Vyncent ChanJuly 25, 2015
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The upcoming NVIDIA Pascal will contain a crazy 17 billion transistors, as compared to the Titan X’s 8 billion. Enabling this massive increase in transistor count while keeping the die size smaller than the Titan X based on the 28nm Maxwell architecture is the utilization of TSMC’s 16nm process node. In comparison, the 28nm Fiji chip in the Fury X has 8.9 billion transistors.

Pascal will not only feature a massive jump in transistor count, but will also be the first generation of NVIDIA cards to implement HBM memory, specifically HBM 2.0. The first generation’s prowess is only harnessed by the AMD Fury line-up exclusively, as AMD is a co-developer of the HBM standard along with SK Hynix. In addition, AMD is also said to be working on a new range of GPUs that will use HBM 1.0.

While the jump in transistor count is good news, it remains to be seen how it will face the issue where AMD has priority to HBM 2.0 capacity. Without enough HBM 2.0 chips. Pascal-based GPUs will be a no-go irregardless of the transistor count. Let’s see in 2016.


SOURCE: Fudzilla


Pokdepinion: 2016 seems like an exciting year for GPUs, as we have NVIDIA with their 16nm Pascal + HBM 2.0, and AMD with their 14nm Artic Islands + HBM 2.0. We will most probably be seeing AMD getting a head start with the priority given to them by SK Hynix, then followed by NVIDIA. 


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