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NVIDIA preparing dual GPU card with Maxwell – GTX 990?

NVIDIA preparing dual GPU card with Maxwell – GTX 990?

by Muhammad FirdausSeptember 28, 2015
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We have seen the NVIDIA GTX 590 and the NVIDIA GTX 690 in past years, both model featured two GPUs crammed onto a single PCB and both were powerful cards from NVIDIA at the time. We heard rumors about a NVIDIA GTX 790 in the pipeline but it did not come to fruition, most probably due to NVIDIA pushing the Titan brand. But recently it is said that NVIDIA is preparing a new dual GPU card that will feature two GM200 chips, the same chips used in the 980Ti and Titan X.


The card will be launching very soon according to certain sources, but if this really happens then we can expect that the new NVIDIA Pascal will not be coming so soon in 2016. The upcoming NVIDIA GTX 990 (we are making an assumption here) might be the new flagship in NVIDIA’s line-up.


Not much to share but if you want to know what will be the specification, we would take a guess and say double the CUDA core, double the memory, double the bandwidth and perhaps triple the price?


Pokdepinion : How will the card sell since most people will be waiting for NVIDIA Pascal GPUs that will feature HBM2 memory which not only brings a new architecture but also a new memory interface, smaller node, more CUDA cores and more performance per watt?

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