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PNY NVIDIA GTX 950 listed — AMD R7 370 rival

PNY NVIDIA GTX 950 listed — AMD R7 370 rival

by Muhammad FirdausAugust 13, 2015
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The latest member of the NVIDIA GTX line-up has finally revealed itself as a PNY branded graphic card. The NVIDIA GTX 950 has quite a significant boost over the GTX 750 Ti on spec wise. Based on Nvidia latest GM206 architecture, the GTX 950 is expected to be equipped with 768 CUDA core, compared to GTX 750 Ti with only 640 CUDA cores. The number of CUDA cores on the NVIDIA GTX 950 is somewhere between the NVIDIA GTX 960 and GTX 760. This card should be a good rival for the AMD R7 370 from the red camp.



It also will come with 2GB of GDDR5 memory with a128-bit wide memory interface. Actually you can read more detail on the specification at this page. Price wise, the GTX 950 is said to come with price range around USD 150, that’s about RM600-RM640 depend on current currencies.


Pokdepinion : The GTX 950 should be faster than the old GTX 750 Ti, the mystery is whether the GTX 950 will support SLI technologies since that feature is missing on the GTX 750. Overclocking on this card should be pretty easy. TDP wise it said to have only a TDP of 90W, thus it will be a rather cool GPU. For a single monitor setup with 1080p resolution, I bet GTX 950 is more than enough to play most game at ultra setting with AA turned off.

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