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Will AMD Radeon R9 Nano deliver?

Will AMD Radeon R9 Nano deliver?

by Muhammad FirdausAugust 25, 2015
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AMD has promised that the new compact AMD Radeon R9 Nano based on Fiji sillicon that would bring better performance per watt compared against the AMD R9 290X. With little information except what was gleaned from the official slides from AMD, the AMD R9 Nano is a hot topic among readers, as the small form factor card only uses a single 8pin power connector which means the Nano can only consume around 175 watts.


In the graphs below AMD claimed that the AMD R9 Nano will be 90% more efficient in terms of performance per watt as compared to the AMD R9 390X, thus implying that the AMD R9 Nano will consume only half the power the R9 290X does. On the other hand, the R9 Nano will also have 50% higher performance per watt against AMD’s current flagship.



Pokdepinion : The AMD R9 Nano said to be launching this 27th August 2015, but usually if it’s really true then we should be getting a flood of leaked photos of it. On paper the AMD R9 Nano has some promising figures, but will it perform as expected? Let’s find out once it released.

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