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CHERRY unveiled its new MX Board Silent — With the latest MX Red and Black silent switch

CHERRY unveiled its new MX Board Silent — With the latest MX Red and Black silent switch

by Muhammad FirdausJanuary 11, 2017
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CHERRY, a specialist company for computer input devices has unveiled its new MX Board Silent with the new MX Silent switches at CES 2017. Based on the G80-300, CHERRY has updated this keyboard with the latest MX Silent technology to create a product that will keep keyboard noise in a hectic office space to an absolute minimum.

The MX Silent-switches have a uniquely shaped rubber pad compared to conventional switches. The integrated 2-component stem reduces audible clicks at the bottom-out and top-out to a minimum. As with every other MX switch, these features include a sturdy housing made of plastic polymer, a precise spiral spring, and the unique Gold Crosspoint contact technology. This exclusive production process guarantees a precise release and a service life of over 50 million keystrokes.

The MX Board Silent is offered in two versions in MX Red or MX Black Silent. Both exhibit linear switching characteristics but differ in the required release force: 45 centinewtons for the MX Red Silent and for those who prefer a slightly higher resistance, 60 centinewtons for the MX Black Silent. Like all MX switches, the bounce is less than a millisecond, allowing for precise and instantaneous input. Also implemented is “N-Key Rollover” functionality, which allows up to 14 keys to be pressed simultaneously without “ghost” keypress effect.

The MX Board Silent is only available in international EU layout and colours grey and black for an MSRP of USD 149 (approximately RM 685) backed with 2-year warranty.

Pokdepinion: I really interested with this keyboard especially with the MX Black Silent switch but the price tag. Urghh.. I hope Ringgit is much better before I get this on hand.

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