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Cooler Master Enthusiast PBT Keycap Mechanical Keyboards now available in Malaysia for RM359!

Cooler Master Enthusiast PBT Keycap Mechanical Keyboards now available in Malaysia for RM359!

by Super DaddyOctober 3, 2017
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Cooler Master has just announced the launch of two new keyboards, the MasterKeys L PBT and MasterKeys S PBT. Both of these are fully equipped with original Cherry MX switches, on-the-fly adjustment capabilities, the MasterKeys’ iconic minimalistic bezel design and now, featuring PBT keycaps!

What’s PBT, you ask? Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) is a rather unique polymer that has low water (or sweat) absorption, is highly moldable and much durable than normal plastic. Unlike Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), the PBT has slightly lower strength and rigidity, better impact resistance (hello, keyboard warriors), and a slightly lower glass transition temperature.

The MasterKeys PBT series enhances the MasterKeys experience beyond the horizon, delivering enhanced superior typing experience. Included the built-in hybrid N-key rollover, and genuine German Cherry MX switches that we are already aware for their durability and tactile satisfaction. The PBT keycaps are 1.5mm thick keycaps in case you’re wondering. For gamers, there is a pack of 7 extra red keycaps included to accent your dedicated gaming keys.

PBT Keycap

PBT keycaps are built to withstand even the fastest fingers. These keycaps are injection molded, double laser-etched, and fiber reinforced. They are resistant to solvents, are mechanically strong and do not fade to “shine” like traditional teflon coated ABS keycaps. Wear and tear due to sweaty fingers will be a thing of the past and with 50 million keystrokes guaranteed by Cherry MX switches, good luck thrashing this keyboard.

The MasterKeys L PBT is now available for purchase at a suggested retail price of RM359 while the MasterKeys S PBT with the same pricing will be available end of November.

Pokdepinion: You type a lot? You game for hours? Need something that will last you a milestone? The MasterKeys PBT keyboard is what you need! I’m only wondering if Cooler Master provides only the keycaps for the existing MasterKeys users?

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