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Cooler Master MK730 and SK630 introduced — two new TKL keyboards in two different profiles!

Cooler Master MK730 and SK630 introduced — two new TKL keyboards in two different profiles!

by Vyncent ChanMarch 5, 2019
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There has been some research on how TKL (tenkeyless) keyboards are more ergonomic due to the fact that you aren’t spreading your arms out just to keep your hands on your keyboard and mouse. It can also be a personal preference, as a TKL keyboard’s smaller footprint makes for more space on your desk. Whatever your reason, you will be happy to find out that Cooler Master has two new TKL keyboards for your choosing.

Cooler Master SK630

The Cooler Master SK630 is part of Cooler Master’s new low-profile keyboard lineup. Featuring Cherry MX Low Profile switches mounted on a solid brushed aluminum housing, the compact keyboard offers a shorter travel distance and earlier actuation point, with all the renowned durability of a Cherry MX switch.

Cooler Master equipped the SK630 with per-key RGB backlighting and even throws in an additional lightbar for additional bling. The keyboard is customizable via the Cooler Master Portal, with the ability to program and assign macros. The Cooler Master SK630 also features on-the-fly controls to enable you to tweak the keyboard without having to install any software.

The Cooler Master SK630 is available now, priced at RM449 ($199 SGD). The keyboard is covered by a 2-year warranty too for peace of mind.

Cooler Master MK730

For those of you who prefer a more conventional look, the Cooler Master MK730 sports standard Cherry MX switches in a standard TKL profile. The footprint is minimized with a brushed aluminum top plate that does not extend much further beyond the edges of the keycaps.

Of course, no keyboard is complete in 2019 without RGB. The Cooler Master MK730 comes with a Lightbar in addition to per-key RGB for that RGBae glory. It also comes with a magnetic wrist rest for extra comfort during long fragging/typing sessions.

You can get the Cooler Master MK730 now, priced at RM479 ($199 SGD), backed by a two-year warranty period.

Which keyboard would you choose?

Pokdepinion: Definitely will have to try out those low-profile switches!

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