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If you are still in the crypto-mining game, this motherboard might be of interest to you

If you are still in the crypto-mining game, this motherboard might be of interest to you

by Vyncent ChanMay 12, 2018
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BIOSTAR has just announced their TB250-BTC D+ native 8-GPU motherboard. This motherboard reminds us of the SUPoX B250A-BTC D+. Actually, these two are probably the same board under two different brands, given that SUPoX is actually BIOSTAR’s sub-brand. Oh except that this board is all-black, even the PCIe power inputs, which are white on the SUPoX board.

This won’t fit in your standard PC case as it doesn’t follow any of your standard measurements. Instead, it is designed for the popular single layer mining chassis found in large mining operations. The reason why it has to be so long is due to the fact that it supports 8 mining GPUs without risers, replete with adequate spacing for cooling too. BIOSTAR went ahead to state that the BIOSTAR TB250-BTC D+ works with both AMD and NVIDIA cards.

Saving more space on the motherboard is the DDR4 SO-DIMM slot, reducing the PCB footprint of the RAM slots. You also get just 1 SATA3 connector and 4 USB 2.0 ports, less than what certain laptops offer. The Gigabit LAN port is powered by the Realtek RTL8111H.

While it shares so much in common with the SUPoX B250A-BTC D+, the BIOSTAR TB250-BTC D+ is actually $20.99 cheaper, priced at $149. Not too sure if this is the way to go about  with a sub-brand, BIOSTAR.

Pokdepinion: Not too sure if mining is still profitable, but if you are still in the game/starting out, this would be a good upgrade/starting point.

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