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ROG Maximus XI Extreme leaked — as well as most of ASUS’ Z390 lineup!

ROG Maximus XI Extreme leaked — as well as most of ASUS’ Z390 lineup!

by Vyncent ChanSeptember 26, 2018
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The Republic of Gamers (ROG) is known for extremely advanced motherboards that are so jam-packed with overclocking-oriented features you will often find yourself asking “why?” if you are anything but a hardened overclocker. But year after year they push out similarly over-the-top motherboards, and this time for the Intel Z390 platform we have the Maximus XI Extreme and XI Gene motherboards.

ROG Maximus XI Extreme

The ROG Maximus XI Extreme really goes to the limits and even has an OLED display slapped on the rear shroud. Near the top VRM heatsink you can spot the 8+8 CPU power connectors, which will be capable of delivering up 576W of power to the CPU. You might never need it, but it’s called Extreme for a reason.

There are tonnes of fan headers all over the motherboard, so you should be able to easily control every fan with ASUS’ effective Q-Fan Control system. Storage hoarders might not be so thrilled by the 6 SATA ports, but you can easily bump up the storage with the DIMM.2 slots which should be capable of housing two M.2 SSDs.

ROG Maximus XI Gene

mATX enthusiasts will also find joy with the Maximus XI Gene which also features a similarly overkill power delivery with 2 8-pin CPU power connectors. However unlike most mATX motherboards, it only features a two DIMM slots. There is the DIMM.2 slot and a heatsink for heaty M.2 PCIe SSDs sits between the DIMM.2 slot and DIMM slots.

Usually mATX motherboards also come with two PCIe slots but this here doesn’t. It seems rather cut down, to be honest. Storage is even more limited with what appears to be just four SATA ports.

ROG Maximus XI Formula / XI Code

These two motherboards are almost like twins, except for the fact that the Maximus XI Formula features an EK waterblock over the VRMs, while the Maximus XI Code has to settle for standard heatsinks.

ASUS Z390 PRIME series

The PRIME series of motherboards are pretty decent too, but this year the lower end boards get a weird splash of white across the entire PCB. Depending on your tastes, you will either love it or hate it.

TUF Gaming Z390 series

This year the TUF Gaming series sees a mild comeback of the armored look the original TUF family made popular. But that’s still really mild as compared to the full-cover that older TUF motherboards featured. There is also a slight cutout around the SATA ports, evoking the aesthetics of the edgy Maximus Apex motherboards.

Any of these motherboards catches your fancy?

Source: Videocardz

Pokdepinion: The Maximus XI Code motherboard looks perfect to me, but I wouldn’t say no to any one of these motherboards!

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