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SUPoX introduces B250A-BTC D+ for native 8-GPU mining! No risers needed!

SUPoX introduces B250A-BTC D+ for native 8-GPU mining! No risers needed!

by Vyncent ChanMarch 6, 2018
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Miners need all the cards they can get. In fact they are probably the reason why we can’t get any graphics cards at reasonable prices anymore. But hey, if you are a miner yourself, you will definitely be going to want to maximize the profitability of your venture. That’s what the SUPoX B250A-BTC D+ aims to do with support for 8 graphics cards without the need for risers.

Riser cards are necessary for conventional motherboards, as there just isn’t enough space to slot in the huge number of cards necessary to make mining worthwhile. They also unfortunately have a tendency to burnout easily, leading to downtime that affects profitability. Without having to rely on risers, you save on the costs of risers (around $10 per riser card) and lowers the overall power consumption.

It will work with AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce cards, even in a mix-and-match combination to let you have the freedom to pick whichever card offers the most hashrate for your money.

While you may have noticed that it is awfully long, it will fit into the standard one-layer square mining chassis. The SUPoX B250A-BTC D+ also works with server power supplies to offer more options for scalable mining.

The SUPoX B250A-BTC D+ is priced at $169.99 (~RM662).

Pokdepinion: The main issue would probably be getting the GPUs to fill up all those slots now.

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