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Open post to ASUS Malaysia by Pokde.net

Open post to ASUS Malaysia by Pokde.net

by Super DaddyJune 17, 2014
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Last weekend our whole Pokde.net team was united at the ASUS Master DIY Tour – LAN Party and after the very long endurance, we were presented with a message that this shall be the last ASUS DIY Tour to be organized by ASUS Malaysia. Being enthusiasts of ASUS that we are, this is an open post (rather than open letter) to ASUS on our opinion against this.

There is no such thing as bad publicity

I couldn’t stress this any harder really. We monitor what goes around in the tech world and because this event was a closed one and priority was given to the hardcore fanboy’s community, there were several questions raised, names called and other bitter events happening around, pointing fingers back to ASUS. As bad as it looks, to us, we take it positively. It just shows that the scale of this event could go to limits that even ASUS Malaysia could not have imagined. Of course the limits had to be imposed to create a limited scale for control purposes but this itself is one of the reasons why this auspicious event should not be given death just yet.

Any event is bourned to have hiccups

Everyone present in the LAN Party is assured of the conditions that we faced but lets be practical here; all efforts were made to unleash the best for the event and the participants were more than happy to give a helping hand. Any conditions that went out of control were just beyond ASUS’ jurisdiction. Period. At the end of the day, no one really gave a hard time or raised a tantrum so I guess it is really something that we – as grown ups – can decipher. Yet another reason.

Always stick to the ultimate goal

Lets rewind our clocks and open up the memory drawer. It was a LAN Party. Were we bridging our computers over a LAN network as the definite goal? Negative. I would rather say we were bridging our souls together instead. All in all, I think my total gaming time in the whole LAN party was less than 5 hours. The rest of the time, I was “connected” to other souls present there. We shared the same hall, similar games, same sleeping area, same interests – heck, we even shared the same bathroom! That is how I define a “Local Area Network”. Wait, because the participants were not even all from the same area, I could easily call this a “WAN Party” instead.

Rome was not built in one day

So far, this is the third ASUS Master DIY Tour organized by ASUS Malaysia. What has the return been so far? To us at Pokde.net, the LAN Party has to be the most awaited, the most planned, the most united and the most epic event this year. Never have we taken an event so seriously. We were hands in hands with ASUS providing as much manpower as we could, planned our journey from three different states, had endless discussions threatening each other in case they don’t turn up and so forth. This is just the small part of the millions of sacrifices others had made just to be in the event itself. I couldn’t think of any other event in which such a response could be gathered.

Of course it ended in regrets

If there was one regret that we at Pokde.net had in this event, it was the fact that we forgot the goodbye part. After the final photography session, we were awakened from our zombie modes and realized that the event had came to an end. If it was not a working day the very next day, I dare to place my bets that everyone would want to extend the event just for another day. For us at Pokde.net, even when the event had came to an end, we were still loitering around the hall, taking pictures and finally decided to camp at the nearest mamak for a few more hours before leaving for our bedrooms. We had endless neck wrecking laughters, gave some bleeding edged names to each other, fused with weird selfies. It just couldn’t have gone wrong really.

So, ASUS Malaysia, this one is for you

If you guys are still deciding on whether or not to have another one next year, I think the social media is shouting all over in support over this. The LAN Party’s shadow is still mesmerizing upon us even after a tiring working day. We could just not stop getting back on social media, meeting the great people we left just about a day ago, fooling ourselves with false hopes that perhaps ASUS Malaysia will suddenly pop-up out of the blue indicating that we are going to continue the party again this very next weekend so we can pack our bags and rigs once again and scream “Hell Yeah!” together and unite in this one-of-its-kind event. We at Pokde.net are casting our votes for another ASUS Master DIY Tour and this is our dedicated post to not kill this event. Given priority before the past event’s highlights post which should follow next as part of our promise.

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  • kucaksmmx
    June 17, 2014 at 10:38 am

    the feeling you felt when you are not “alone” in this tech world.
    I’ve met people with the same interest. sharing and laughing together
    last but not least, this event proven one thing, on top of many thins that have been proven, a true peace of harmony of Malaysia.

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