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Crit Lumax Titan 256C RGB LED quick review

Crit Lumax Titan 256C RGB LED quick review

by February 2, 2017

+ Very Bright
+ Waterproof and strong adhesive
+ Daisy chaining support with more LED strips
+ Easy to use
+ Lighting controller has good reception


- Inaccurate labeling on the remote control

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If you are looking for a RGB LED strip to complete your PC build, the Crit Lumax Titan RGB LED strip might just be the exact one you want.

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Case lighting has been popular among enthusiasts for a long time. Before LEDs became popular for case lighting, CCFL lamps were used. Well but that’s history by now when LEDs are so much easier to set up. LED strips literally puts the spotlight on your hardware with a choice of either single color or RGB. There are lots of LED strips in the market but today let’s check out the Crit Lumax Titan 256 RGB LED strip. Thank you to Mod’n’Go for providing us with the RGB LED kits.


The Crit Lumax Titan RGB LED comes in two different length, 60 cm and 120cm. Both share similar specifications but with different number of LEDs, of course. On the front of the box we have the preview picture and the product specifications. Basically the 120cm version contains two 60cm LED strips.

The back of the boxΒ lists some of the specifications of the LED strips.

Inside the box, the Crit Lumax Titan RGB LED is sealed in an anti-static bag. The package includes the Crit Lumax Titan RGB LED strip itself, a LED lighting controller, a RF wireless remote control and the simple user guide. If you purchase the 120cm version, you will get two 60cm LED strip which can be linked together.


The Crit Lumax Titan RGB LED comes on a reel which makes it easier to handle. As I said earlier the LED strip is expandable with two power connector ends on it, one is male and the other is female. It uses 5050 SMD LEDs (also known as tri-chips), housing 3 LED diodes for higher intensity compared to single LED chip design. In order to offer better durability, the LED strip is also protected with water-proof shielding. The shielding also gives it

Unlike to the other brands, the Crit Lumax Titan RGB LED is using smaller lighting controller instead of a square box. For the connector, it uses molex power connector.

On to the RF wireless controller, it has 12 single color mode and up to 63 RGB lighting effects. Also, the brightness and LED speed is adjustable with the remote controller.

User Experience

In terms of brightness, the Crit Lumax Titan RGB LED is really bright and the illumination spread evenly. Although the lighting controller is small, but the reception is excellent even though I hid it behind the case’s motherboard tray. This is unlike some strips which use infra-red lighting controllers that would have failed in that situation.

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The only issue I had with the Crit Lumax Titan RGB LED is the inaccurate labeling on the wireless controller. When I pressed the green, it will turn to red, and when you press red, it will be green. The same thing happens when I pressed yellow it will turn to white. The rest is fine, the effects work perfectly fine and the response time when switching modes, speed and brightness is good.


Crit Lumax Titan is not the first RGB LED strip I have used before. I bought quite a number of LED strip from China which some came with some quality control issues, which I am glad that I found none here on the Crit Lumax Titan. The lighting is bright enough even though it is only 60cm long. The controller reception is excellent without any disconnection and another great thing about it is that it can support more RGB LED strips daisy-chained together. The Crit Lumax Titan is priced at RM99 for the 60cm variant and RM139 for the 120cm one. If you interested, head over to Mod’n’Go Facebook page. But be wary, you might just spend more than you expected as you end up sending your PC over for a full case mod.

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