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IKEA will be making some keycaps with a pretty interesting finish

IKEA will be making some keycaps with a pretty interesting finish

by Vyncent ChanJune 7, 2019
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Now I know how they say you can pretty much deck out your whole house with IKEA furniture. I personally go there for the food (the curry puffs, especially), but if they are bringing in their new UPPKOPPLA — which means “online” — line of products, I might be spending a lot more time (and money) at Ikea soon. IKEA partnered with UNYQ, a company making prosthetics, and also Area Academy, an esports company, to create accessories for gamers. Among which, is the new IKEA keycap.

The new UPPKOPPLA lineup of products will be 3D-printed, allowing you to customize them. It should also mean that you will be able to scan your wrist with an app later to get a wrist rest that fits you perfectly, none of that off-the-shelf stuff you can buy at tech stores. There’s also a mouse bungee, which as you can see in the video, can be customized with your own in-game name or clan tag, if you prefer.

Looks a bit like meat tenderizers…

What’s most interesting to me though are the keycaps. The texture is…interesting, to say the least. UNYQ aims to deliver products that are not only functional, customized and design driven, but also offer ergonomic benefits. Well, I am all for those new keycaps. But it seems like I will have to wait until 2020 for those. Who knows what else would have caught my fancy by then.

Pokdepinion: Stroking my bumpy IKEA keycaps would definitely give me some ergonomic benefits.

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