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Kingston marks 16th consecutive year as the world’s top DRAM Module supplier

Kingston marks 16th consecutive year as the world’s top DRAM Module supplier

by Vyncent ChanSeptember 12, 2019
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Kingston is probably a brand we all know. They make a massive variety of products, from gaming peripherals under the HyperX brand to storage and memory solutions of every kind. The latest rankings by DRAMeXchange hints at Kingston’s popularity, with it being the world’s top DRAM module supplier of 2018. And it’s their 16th consecutive year as king of the hill.

TrendForce places Kingston’s market share at an overwhelming 72.17%, which is much higher than the rest of the DRAM module makers combined. Kingston themselves mentioned that TrendForce’s estimates to be “overly generous“. In 2018, Kingston produced 14 trillion MBs (14 000 PB) of memory across their DRAM, SSD and embedded solution lineups.

The impressive performance is attributed to growth in online media streaming, IoT adoption and rise in acceptance of cloud services. Here’s the chart from TrendForce listing the top 10 DRAM module suppliers:

What RAM do you use in your PC? My system does run on four sticks of HyperX RAMs so I guess I did contribute to the statistics… Although a long time ago, because these are DDR3 RAM.

Pokdepinion: Despite the fact that you can download RAM, it seems like PC users still prefer buying physical RAM, judging by these numbers. /s

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