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The most expensive demo PC we have ever seen — Dual Intel Xeon & Quad NVIDIA Titan X

The most expensive demo PC we have ever seen — Dual Intel Xeon & Quad NVIDIA Titan X

by Muhammad FirdausOctober 18, 2015
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Tell me how many of you are impressed by gaming PCs on display in computer hardware stores? I bet most you are really excited seeing the high end specification and case mods. But have you ever seen a real monstrous demonstration PC, that packs oodles of computing power, shown in public before? Before that, let me inform you guys that this demo PC costs about 1.8 million Yen (approximately USD 15K or MYR 63K).


This story began in Akihabara the electronic and otaku cultural center in Japan. A shop named Tsukumo PC demoed a powerful computer with dual Intel Xeon E5-2697 V3, with each processor sporting 14 cores and 28 threads, for a total of 28 cores and 56 threads running at 2.60Ghz. That should really pump get some adrenaline pumping in PC enthusiasts. But wait, that isn’t all to this monster of a demo PC.


Wanna guess how much RAM this monster has? Of course it has a lot of it, 192GB of ECC DDR4 RAM by Century Micro, to be exact. A very fast storage is a must for this powerful PC, and it does not disappoint, packing the Intel SSD 750 series 400GB, do note that this is a PCIe SSD that using latest NVM express standard, so it’s really a speed demon of an SSD. All this is mounted on a Supermicro X10DRG-Q, a server class motherboard that supports up to 4-way SLI and Thunderport.

Okay we reached the most exciting part to us PC gamers. Yes, the graphic card. The demo PC is equipped with four NVIDIA GTX Titan X in a 4-way SLI configuration. This video card configuration might be needed for buttery smooth 4K video editing. With all that CUDA cores, it will surely deliver a performance boost in any software that can harness the power of CUDA technology.



A blazingly fast and powerful monster like this definitely needs lots of juice to feed it, and this is the reason why this PC comes with two 1000 watt power supply unit. Not much detail about the PSUs is known, so let us jump to some pictures of it running Cinebench benchmark.




Pokdepinion : The PC on above is not the most powerful one we have seen on the internet, but it still amazes me because it’s open to public. Some might think what is the point of building such monster, but actually there’s lot we can do with it, not only 4K editing but maybe 8K editing in the future, 3D render farm and much more. Or it could be just because they can.

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