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How Anything Can Be Hacked: Phreaked Out

How Anything Can Be Hacked: Phreaked Out

by Muhammad FirdausMay 24, 2014
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How Anything Can Be Hacked: Phreaked Out ? Security is fleeting, especially when it comes to the protection of our connected devices.
This documentary is inspired from new video game titled Watch Dogs by Ubisoft bring you insight about real-life hacking in our daily.

“Every time you introduce new technology – you introduce new vulnerabilities.”


Motherboard youtube new series documentary titled “Phreaked Out”, Motherboard meets face-to-face with today’s most talented security researchers and white hat hackers to get a firsthand schooling on the various ways to breach our most commonly used devices.
Whether these connected networks control our cities, cars or phones, one thing’s for certain, is that with enough determination, nothing is secure.

Follow the first episode of Phreaked Out about  two Los Angeles traffic engineers, Kartik Patel and Gabriel Murillo, remotely accessed the city’s traffic control system and tampered with the light sequences at four main intersections of the city, as part of a labor union protest.

Although there was little evidence of the attack, their alleged disruptions were reported to have triggered a state of gridlock that lasted days. In 2009, Patel and Murillo copped to the crime, which stood as a reminder that the city of Los Angeles, like countless other metropolises, relies on a certain degree of computerized and internet-connected control systems that are vulnerable to exploitation.


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