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[UPDATED] AirAsia Unlimited Pass Has 4 Odd Limitations That You Need to Know About

[UPDATED] AirAsia Unlimited Pass Has 4 Odd Limitations That You Need to Know About

by Aiman MaulanaMarch 1, 2020
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UPDATE 1 – Added Embargo List

AirAsia Unlimited Pass Has 4 Odd Limitations That You Need to Know About

By now, I’m sure many of you have heard of the recent AirAsia Unlimited Pass promo. It’s supposed to provide customers with unlimited flights to Australia, Japan, Korea, and more for an entire year. I’m sure many of you are tempted to purchase it to satisfy your wanderlust but the COVID-19 outbreak is what makes you hesitate. Now, you may just have another reason not to get it.

Only Applicable for Selected Flights

AirAsia Unlimited Pass Has 4 Odd Limitations That You Need to Know About

Facebook users have pointed out as to how confusing the terms and conditions are. While it is unlimited, there are a number of notable limitations that you need to take note of. For starters, you can only select flights that are labeled under “AirAsia Unlimited Pass”. This can be a bit tricky as they have control as to how many tickets / flights will be available under this promo, meaning you have no guarantees whatsoever. There are far fewer people traveling for obvious reasons so for now, it may still be easy to get.

[UPDATED] AirAsia Unlimited Pass Has 4 Odd Limitations That You Need to Know About 22

COVID-19 affected areas by ArcGIS

Only for Long Haul Flights with Specific Carrier Code

Secondly, it’s only applicable to long haul flights with carrier code D7 (AirAsia X) and XJ (Thai AirAsia X) only, with an additional term of exclusion for Bali, Singapore, Jeddah, and all “fly-thru” routes. This further limits the potential flights that you can take with this promo. Moreover, it’s restricted to specific routes that are mentioned so you may not know where it might be stopping prior to reaching your destination. This is particularly dangerous during this COVID-19 outbreak season.

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Embargo Periods Apply

Third, embargo periods do apply and you will need a minimum of 14 days before your chosen flight to apply for it. The embargo period itself could lead to cancellations of flights so there’s no guarantee just yet. This may also be problematic in getting the flight you want as they’ve noted that it may not be available during times like school breaks, public holidays, and weekends. From a business perspective, it would make sense for them to prioritize those who pay for actual tickets as opposed to the pass holders.

Update: An unnamed source has provided us with the table of embargoes that apply to the Unlimited Pass promo.

202021 Feb – 1 MarTW Lantern Festival + 1 Mar MovementOutbound TW toJP
14 Mar – 18 MarMalaysia School HolidayOutbound MY to AU
14 Mar – 2 AprMY School Holiday + Cherry Blossom PeakOutbound MY to KR, MY to JP, US to JP, TW to JP
19 Mar – 22 MarMY School HolidayOutbound AU to MY
19 Mar – 12 AprCherry BlossomOutbound KR to MY, JP to MY, JP to US, JP to TW
1 Apr – 15 AprGood Friday + Easter Break (start)Outbound AU to MY
13 Apr – 19 AprGood Friday + Easter Break (end)Outbound MY to AU
26 Apr – 3 MayLabour Day + Japan Golden Week (start)between MYJP, JPUS, JPTW
29 Apr – 2 MayLabour Daybetween MYAU, MYKR
1 May – 6 MayJapan Golden Week (end)Outbound MY to JP, US to JP, TW to JP
30 Apr – 4 MayLabour DayIndia, China
6 May – 12 MayWesakIndia
20 May – 7 JunHari Raya Aidilfitri + MY School Holidaybetween MYAU, MYKR, MYJP
22 May – 8 JunHari RayaIndia, China
23 Jun – 26 JunTW Dragon Boat Festivalbetween JPTW
27 Jun – 11 JulAU Winter Break (Outbound)Outbound AU toMY
10 Jul – 20 JulAU Winter Break (Inbound)Outbound MY to AU
10 Jul – 16 AugSummer peakChina
23 Jul – 10 AugHari Raya Haji + Obon Japan Olympic (start)between MYJP
23 Jul – 17 AugSummer Break + Obon Japan Olympicbetween JPUS & JPTW
25 Jul – 3 AugHari Raya Haji + MY School Holidaybetween MYAU
25 Jul – 9 AugKorea Summer Break (start) + Hari Raya Haji + MY School Holidaybetween MYKR
27 Jul – 17 AugObon Japan Olympic (end)Outbound MY to JP
1 Aug – 16 AugKorea Summer Break (end)Outbound MY to KR
19 Aug – 1 SepHari Raya Haji School HolidayIndia
28 Aug – 1 SepMY Independence Daybetween MY-AU MY-KR, MY-JP
15 Sep – 22 SepMalaysia Day + JP Respect of the Aged Daybetween MYKR, MYJP MYAU
25 Sep – 4 OctMid Autumn Festivalbetween JPTW
25 Sep – 8 OctGolden weekChina
26 Sep – 3 OctAU School Holiday (start)Outbound AU to MY
29 Sep – 2 OctChuseok (start)Outbound KR to MY
2 Oct – 11 OctAU School Holiday (end) + Chuseok (end)Outbound MY to AU, MY to KR
3 Oct – 11 OctFall Breakbetween JPUS
8 Oct – 12 OctTW National Day (ROC)between JPTW
13 Nov – 16 NovDeepavalibetween MYKR, MYJP, MY-IN
20 Nov – 31 DecYear EndChina
21 Nov – 31 DecMalaysia Australia School HolidayOutbound AU to MY, between MYKR, MYJP
17 Dec – 10 Jan 2021Winter Christmas New Yearbetween MYAU, MYKR, MYJP, JPUS, JPTW, MYIN
20211 Jan – 15 FebAustralia Summer Break (end)Outbound MY to AU
10 Feb – 21 FebChinese New Yearbetween MYAU, MYKR, MYJP, JPTW

Only Valid for the Base Fare

Lastly, the AirAsia Unlimited Pass is only valid for the base fare. In other words, you will still need to pay other charges like, airport charges, taxes, add-ons, regulatory fees, and other charges if it arises. If you think that purchasing the pass will get you free flights, it doesn’t. The other charges could still add up quite a bit depending on where you want to go. If you consider the initial investment of the pass as paying for the base fare, then you will need to make multiple flights to truly benefit from it. The expenses from this will add up with all the charges aside from the base fare that you need to take care of.

Summary of AirAsia Unlimited Pass Limitations

  • It’s only applicable for flights labeled under the promotion, not every flight.
  • Flights are limited to specific routes.
  • There are no guarantees that you’ll get the flights you want.
  • The pass doesn’t mean that you get a free flight.

While it may seem like there is a chance that you might not be able to make use of it despite purchasing, it’s not necessarily true for everyone. However, it’s still worth keeping in mind that there are no guarantees here. There are other things listed in the terms and conditions but these are what I feel you need to take note of if you plan on purchasing the AirAsia Unlimited Pass. We are not taking sides here, we simply want the consumers to be aware of what they’re getting.

You can only purchase this from 29th February to 7th March 2020. If you want to read the full terms and conditions, click right here.

Pokdepinion: I personally wouldn’t buy it because of the COVID-19 outbreak. I don’t want to risk my well-being just to see the world. Holidays / travels can wait for as long as I’m still alive and well.

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