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AirAsia Travel Protection now includes DoctorOnCall — a doctor is literally a click away!

AirAsia Travel Protection now includes DoctorOnCall — a doctor is literally a click away!

by Vyncent ChanDecember 5, 2018
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The worst thing that could happen to you when you are travelling is falling sick, and you are in a country where it may be difficult to consult a local doctor. Tune Protect’s solution to help you get back on your feet and enjoy your holiday? Partner with DoctorOnCall, Malaysia’s first on-demand online clinic to offer free medical consultations for their policyholders.

A live demo of how the UI will be like communicating with the doctor via the DoctorOnCall platform.

Qualified medical doctors on the DoctorOnCall platform will be accessible via web chat, video or phone calls from 8am to midnight daily. Over 70 doctors are onboard, so you can get a consultation from a doctor with the appropriate specialization. The doctors can attempt to diagnose your issue, recommend the right treatment and also provide a prescription if necessary.

What’s even cooler is that the medication prescribed can be delivered to you if you are in Malaysia. All of that will be covered by your Tune Protect coverage, up to a maximum limit of RM200 000. If you are overseas, you can use the emailed prescription to purchase your medication from a local pharmacy, and Tune Protect will reimburse you.

Aside from treating emergent ailments, DoctorOnCall helps sufferers of chronic diseases to obtain their medication while overseas, where a prescription or referral letter from a local doctor would help them to get their prescription drugs for their illness.

DoctorOnCall adds to Tune Protect’s comprehensive coverage of travelers, solidifying Tune Protect’s position as a leading digital insurer with an increasing number of on-demand protection services.

Pokdepinion: We actually asked if we can get MCs from DoctorOnCall, and the answer is no. Oh well, no skipping work with a sad face over the phone.

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