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Audra partners with 11street to bring a more balanced internet lifestyle and better security to Malaysians

Audra partners with 11street to bring a more balanced internet lifestyle and better security to Malaysians

by Vyncent ChanOctober 9, 2018
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I guess it goes without saying that we live very connected lives now. From the time we wake up, till the time we hit the bed, chances are we will be using our smartphones. And apparently 34.9% of teenagers out there are addicted to the internet. This is where Audra steps in, with an easy-to-setup internet security solution that also gives you control over your family’s internet habits.

Audra separates itself from the multitude of internet security options available with its unique combination of hardware and cloud-based service. The unique solution not only protects your network from online threats, but also allows for browsing time limits and restricting access to websites, all in the name of a healthier internet usage experience. Security solutions like this are often a hassle to setup and configure, but Audra’s simplified the user interface to make it accessible to everyone.

Audra Home comes with an AC1200-capable router, but you might receive an upgraded router later on in your subscription. How this works is that when you pay for a 12-month subscription, you get the hardware as part of the service. Therefore along with software updates to keep your network secure, you will also be getting hardware upgrades when Audra has them available.

As gamers, we also inquired regarding gaming stability and performance, as routers are an integral part of any network. Audra’s representatives assured us that gaming performance will not be affected as the routers are designed to support speeds of up to 1 Gbps and low latencies to not impede gamers.

From now until the end of the year, customers who purchase Audra internet security solutions from 11street will get their second year’s subscription waived. 11street is currently Audra’s exclusive retail partner here in Malaysia. You can get Audra Home for RM699/year which supports up to 20 users at a time, or go for Audra Business which is priced at RM999/year, which can accommodate up to 100 users.

Pokdepinion: An easy-to-use internet security solution is very interesting. The pricing might be a little less enticing, especially for home users.

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