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ezyCourier makes it debut

ezyCourier makes it debut

by Vyncent ChanApril 11, 2016
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With our connected lifestyles nowadays, I believe a lot of us actually spend more time shopping online than at conventional “brick and mortar” stores. Every purchase online will require a courier to collect it from the seller and ship it to you, and that is what ezyCourier is all about.


The proverbial “new kid on the block” in the Malaysian courier industry, ezyCourier Malaysia debuts today, launched by MCMC’s Chief Officer of Communication, Digital Services and Standards, Dato’ Mohd Ali Hanafiah Mohd Yunus, and Director of ezyCourier Malaysia, John Gun at the Malaysia IT Fair 2016 held at the MidValley Exhibition Centre.

ezyCourier Malaysia is the country’s newest courier company to be given a courier license by MCMC, joining the other 100 courier operators who have operated to date.

ezyCourier Customers_2

What makes ezyCourier Malaysia unique is the availability of a mobile app to arrange for the pick-up and delivery address. Due to businesses conducted online, resulting in the increasing demand of items to be delivered to the customers, ezyCourier Malaysia entered the market to introduce a low cost peer to peer parcel courier service that integrates the need of parcel delivery and at the same time satisfying the need of individuals to make part time or full time earnings. ezyCourier Malaysia agents are not limited to commute via cars and motorcycles but also via cycling or walking.


Pokdepinion: While this isn’t exactly tech news, these services tie in with our lifestyle to bring us the stuff we buy online to our doorsteps. I am interested on the potential of this new courier with its cheap rates and I hope it is as reliable if not more than the current provider available.



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