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SOCAR encourages you to go YOLO — take one-way trips to the airport and win free YOLO trips!

SOCAR encourages you to go YOLO — take one-way trips to the airport and win free YOLO trips!

by Vyncent ChanJuly 10, 2018
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SOCAR’s just kicked off their latest campaign, the YOLO Pass, and introduced the One-way Airport Drive to enable travelers to get to the airport easily. The YOLO Pass is somewhat like a lucky draw, with SOCAR sponsoring an YOLO trip for the lucky winner.

For those interested in the One-way Airport Drive, all you need to do is to select your car and drive it to either KLIA or KLIA2. With choices ranging from compact vehicles such as the Mini Cooper, all the way up to MPVs like the Perodua Alza, SOCAR aims to satisfy solo commuters or families on their trips to the airport.

All you have to pay is RM50 in addition to the rental fee of your vehicle of choice, and you can make your way to the airport. Using SOCAR even facilitates stopping halfway to get emergency supplies, because you are the driver.

The YOLO Pass comes with a twist: you do not know where you will be going. You will be notified one week before the trip, but the destination is a surprise. All you have to do to participate is to have made a single reservation with SOCAR. Winners will receive the notification on the first Friday of the month, so do check your email or SOCAR app for the notification, just in case you are the chosen one to embark on a YOLO trip!

Pokdepinion: Another option to get to the airport more comfortably without paying through your nose!

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