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Touch ‘n Go eWallet Takes Over Kampong Bahru With Kampong Kashless Ramadan Bazaar Campaign

Touch ‘n Go eWallet Takes Over Kampong Bahru With Kampong Kashless Ramadan Bazaar Campaign

by Raja IdrisMay 3, 2019
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With Ramadan set to arrive in a couple of days, the folks at TNG Digital has revealed that they are taking over Kampong Bahru with their first ever Kampong Kashless Ramadan Bazaar, which begins from 6th of May 2019.

At the bazaar, you can choose from over 400 stalls available and prepare for iftar by using the Touch ‘n Go eWallet app to make payments. There’s also also more than one way to earn rewards and cashbacks when you make payments with the eWallet, where you can head on down to find out more.

Some of the activities that they’ve prepared include:

  • Ketupat Runtuh – Make a purchase using the eWallet app at the bazaar or at over 50,000 merchants to stand a chance to win cashbacks worth RM1,000,000
  • Kucing Kashless Rekomen – Weekly update through the eWallet app of the Top 10 food picks and happenings at the bazaar
  • Katch Kucing Kashless – Be the fastest to spot 5 of the hidden ‘Kucing’ at the bazaar, take a selfie and upload on Facebook. Be sure to tag the Touch ‘n Go eWallet’s Facebook and include the hashtags #KatchKucing #rayasempoitng #rayasempoi #tngewallet
  • Hadiah Extra Sempoi – Check out the Touch ‘n Go eWallet’s booth at the bazaar to grab great deals and exclusive merchandise from as low as RM2

When it’s Ramadan, it’s a good time to do some good deeds and charitable acts. To do something about that, the company has partnered up with Kechara Soup Kitchen to ensure that any excess food at the bazaar will be redistributed to the people in need. You can also play a part in the service by bringing in your own food, water containers, and also recycling bags to the bazaar.

For more information on the bazaar, you can head down here.

Pokdepinion: Even Ramadan bazaars are going cashless, at least the one in Kampong Bahru (for now). We are really aiming for a cashless future..

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