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Celcom offers 100 Mbps fiber internet in Sabah; prices start from RM120

Celcom offers 100 Mbps fiber internet in Sabah; prices start from RM120

by Vyncent ChanSeptember 18, 2017
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An unexpected player has entered into the high speed fibre internet game in Sabah. It’s Celcom, and with plans starting from RM120 for unlimited data delivered at 10 Mbps, Celcom makes an interesting proposition for current ADSL subscribers who are paying RM110 for just 1 Mbps speeds.

Aside from the most basic Celcom Home Fibre plan at RM120, Celcom is also offering 20 Mbps and 40 Mbps plans, priced at RM150 and RM180, respectively. Subscribers of Celcom First Gold Plus, Gold Supreme, Platinum, and Platinum Plus will also get an exclusive RM15 rebate, further sweetening the deal for loyal Celcom users. In addition to fast internet, all Celcom Home Fibre plans will feature voice calls rates of RM0.10/minute.

Business users are also getting some love from Celcom, with the Celcom Business Fibre 10, 20, 40 and 100 plans. No prizes for guessing the maximum bandwidth of the plans. The plans are priced at RM158 for 10 Mbps speeds, RM208 for 20 Mbps, RM288 for 40 Mbps and RM378 for 100 Mbps. With the 20 Mbps plan and above, business users will be getting 300 minutes of free calls, with anything more charged at RM0.08/minute. Celcom Business Fibre subscribers will also get an exclusive RM20 rebate if they are current subscribers of the Celcom FIRST Gold Plus Business, Gold Supreme Business, Platinum Business or Platinum Plus Business plans. Business owners who register five Business Fibre lines or more under the same company will receive an additional RM20 rebate per line.

Celcom is collaborating with Celcom Timur Sdn Bhd to deliver high speed fibre internet to Sabah, and plans to cover at least 11 cities in Sabah by the end of 2017.


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