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Celcom Xpax XP Lite set to offer an all new experience — a postpaid plan with no strings attached

Celcom Xpax XP Lite set to offer an all new experience — a postpaid plan with no strings attached

by Vyncent ChanSeptember 19, 2019
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Postpaid plans are often considered commitments, and having to pay a fixed fee monthly can be quite daunting, especially if you have just started working, or you are a student. But they do offer some attractive packages for postpaid users, with more quota and goodies than what prepaid users usually get. What if you get the best of both worlds?

With Celcom Xpax XP Lite, you can get unlimited enjoyment without being held back by an expensive monthly commitment. From just RM28/month, you can get to enjoy a flexible plan that you can adjust to your very needs as and when you want to. That’s less than RM1/day!

In addition to being able to size up (or down) whenever you want, the new XP Lite plan from Celcom Xpax offers you rewards for being a loyal customer. Long-time users can get unlimited internet every day after staying on for more than six months. While other telcos have “hidden” plans to entice users to continue using their services, Celcom Xpax lets you know what you will be getting. No need for threats of switching to another telco to get a better deal.

To recap, the Celcom Xpax XP Lite is a plan that’s affordable, customizable, and rewarding for loyal customers. What better way is there to stay connected to experience everything there is on the internet? To find out more about this new plan, head over to the following link!

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