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Cheaper data plans from U Mobile [UPDATE]

Cheaper data plans from U Mobile [UPDATE]

by Vyncent ChanJune 29, 2015
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Since April our Malaysian telcos have been engaged in a furious price war. U Mobile has just recently joined in this war offering more data for the same monthly fees as its existing plans.

Cheaper data plans from U Mobile [UPDATE] 21
U Mobile also has does not forget its loyal subscribers by offering free upgrade to all existing customers, unlike other telcos which released a new cheaper plan which older customers might or might not be able to switch to depending on the remaining duration of their contracts.

[UPDATE]: I messaged U Mobile and they confirmed that the free data is not divided into on-peak and off-peak data.

For comparison, Celcom has launched FIRST™ Basic 38 quite some time ago, which also offers 3GB of data, but with the added advantage of being able to carry forward any unused quota up to a maximum of 3GB.CelcomThis Celcom plan comes the closest to U Mobile’s offering. But at RM38, it’s still costlier than the RM28 monthly fee for 3GB on U Mobile’s cheapest postpaid plan.

If you’re interested on the above mentioned plans, kindly to their respective websites to learn more about them.


SOURCE: Mdroid


Pokdepinion: Price wars are always good for the consumers. However, you should not decide your data plan based on the fees alone. Coverage is a much more important factor. What’s the use of getting more data for a low price but being unable to use it in places you frequent? Here’s hoping for cheaper Internet for all!



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