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Everyone gets a new phone with the new Digi Family Plan!

Everyone gets a new phone with the new Digi Family Plan!

by Vyncent ChanOctober 29, 2019
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Digi’s current Family Plan is already pretty impressive, giving you the same benefits on supplementary lines and the mainline. For only an additional RM38/month, the sub lines enjoy the same amount of data, calls and SMS as the main line.

Upgrading to the latest flagships like the HUAWEI P30 Pro can be quite a costly exercise

In addition to being able to enjoy more content and game without worries, you can also get to do all that on a new device with the new Digi Family Plan. Yep, Digi is giving you an opportunity to sign up for PhoneFreedom 365 even on the supplementary lines, whereas back then you could only do so on the primary line.

You can get up to three supplementary lines for your family, each of which are entitled to get smartphones from as low as RM73/month. The latest smartphones from Apple, HUAWEI, Samsung and more can be quite costly, so let PhoneFreedom 365 lessen the burden on your wallet.

digi phonefreedom 365 family plan

Interested? Make sure to head over to to find out more!

Pokdepinion: What’s not to love about an easier way to get the latest smartphones?

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