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Here’s how to enjoy unlimited entertainment from less than RM1/day

Here’s how to enjoy unlimited entertainment from less than RM1/day

by Vyncent ChanAugust 13, 2019
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Nowadays, our smartphones are our main source of entertainment. We are always on the go, leaving little time for us to actually sit down and watch the TV or browse the web on our PCs. As such, we have relied on our smartphones to stream movies, music and also stay updated through social networks all while being on the move.

These applications can take a huge chunk of your quota, as you unknowingly burn through gigabytes worth of data simply by catching up on your favorite YouTuber on your smartphone. And by sheer luck, you will always run out of data when you really need to find out something.

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Need to quickly fact check your braggy friend? That’s when you will find that you have just ran out quota. Or when you need to navigate to an unfamiliar place, and Google Maps just fails to load properly because your internet connection is now throttled to a snail’s pace.

If you have been stuck in those situations, the new Digi Prepaid Internet Cili Padi plans are for you. There are multiple plans to choose from, with each one tailored to satisfy specific needs. Whether you need unlimited YouTube and Facebook, or you want to scroll endlessly through your Twitter and Instagram feed, there’s a plan for you. Or, if you prefer just having extra quota to do whatever you want during the day, there’s also a plan for you.

Since you now get unlimited data to use your favorite apps, with the new Digi Prepaid Internet Cili Padi plans, you get more effective quota for your daily usage. And since its so affordable, you will also be saving a lot of money as you no longer have to spend on pricey mobile data plans with larger quotas just to burn through them by browsing social media. You also get to enjoy fast internet speeds, unlike certain unlimited data plans which have limited speeds.

What are you waiting for? Maximize your mobile data experience with unlimited quota for less than RM1/day with the new Digi Prepaid Internet Cili Padi plans! To find out more about the Digi Prepaid Internet Cili Padi plans, click on the following link:

Find the Digi Prepaid Internet Cili Padi for you!
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