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[LEAKED] Digi iPhone X and iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus packages leaked! Save up for super amazing deals coming up!

[LEAKED] Digi iPhone X and iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus packages leaked! Save up for super amazing deals coming up!

by Super DaddySeptember 21, 2017
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Our brothers in arms, Zing Gadget today shared a rather interesting leak on their website that will definitely interest all you iPhone aficionados! Digi is definitely planning for the iPhone packages and we have the information to be shared for you.

Here’s the only bit of information that you are here for:

Image credits: Zing Gadget

The prices for the device are VERY interesting indeed! Starting from as low as RM1,529 for the Apple iPhone 8 64GB with the highest package Go Digi 168, the prices are going all the way to RM4,809 for the highest specification Apple iPhone X 256GB with the lowest package Go Digi 78. What comes with the packages, you ask (the prices are rather obvious, aint it)? Let’s have a look at it.

Image Credits: Zing Gadget

The bulkiest of them all, is the Go Digi 168 that offers 40GB of internet on weekdays and unlimited data on weekends. I mean, if you’re going to get the new iPhone, for the first few months, you are going to be hogging the device pretty much the whole day, no?

Let us know your thoughts! What do you think about the offer?

Pokdepinion: With the iPhone official SRP yet to be announced locally, Digi has definitely set a very high benchmark for the iPhone prices to be compared against other telcos. Digi is also known to bring the most competitive prices in the market and this, in my opinion would be the best deal that you could get in the market.

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