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Malaysia ranked 56th of 87 countries for 4G download speeds

Malaysia ranked 56th of 87 countries for 4G download speeds

by Vyncent ChanJune 5, 2019
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Well, I guess we all know the quality of the mobile data experience is here in Malaysia, but if you needed validation, Opensignal is here to help. On average, Malaysians only enjoy 11.5 Mbps speeds on average from our mobile data connection. By contrast, our diminutive neighbor down south enjoys 39.3 Mbps. If you are the kind to #syukurlah, then you can look at Cambodia, with an average speed of just 5.6 Mbps.

Meanwhile, when it comes to 4G availability, we are looking at a better ranking of 42nd out of the 87 countries. That’s a pretty respectable 79.6% 4G availability right there. The top is South Korea, no surprises there. The Koreans enjoy 97.5% 4G availability, which is practically all the time. Once again, to allow you to say #syukurlah, Uzbekistan only gets 4G signal 49.9% of the time. #oof

Latency is where Singapore tops the world, with an average latency of 30.2ms. Only 13 of the 87 countries rated by Opensignal managed to score an average latency of below 40ms, and guess what, we aren’t a part of that 13. Malaysians experience an average latency of 51.4ms, which is still good enough for some casual gaming on mobile data. As of now, Opensignal has not found a country with an average latency of less than 30ms, but they expect to see better once 5G rolls out.

Last but not least, Opensignal rates the “video experience”. Malaysia scored 51.9/100 in this metric, which places it in the “Fair” category. Malaysia did improve by 5 points though as compared to last year, so #syukurlah at least there is progress. No country managed to enter the “Excellent” category which starts from 75 points and above, with top-scoring Norway scoring just 0.3 points short.

What do you think? Does the results tally with your experience? Let us know!

Pokdepinion: Well we seem to be ranking in the middle most of the time. Not too bad, not good enough… Hm 🙁

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