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Study Says Faster Network Speeds Doesn’t Mean Better Video Experience

Study Says Faster Network Speeds Doesn’t Mean Better Video Experience

by Raja IdrisSeptember 5, 2019
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The folks from Opensignal has released a new analysis, where they study the typical video experience of Malaysian mobile users. They’ve carried out the research over a three-month period, between September 1 2018 and May 31 2019.

Opensignal  information from Malaysian users of the Opensignal app across the Celcom, Digi, Maxis, U Mobile and Unifi networks. Interestingly, it revealed that all Malaysian mobile operators, except for U Mobile, have improved their Video Experience score over the periods measured.

Adding to that, it seems that Maxis provides the best Video Experience in both Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) categories with ‘Very Good’ rating across all measured periods. They are followed closely by Celcom and Digi, who both improved their scores across each period.

On the other hand, the Video Experience score for streaming HD videos was slightly lower than the SD Video Experience for Celcom, Digi, and Maxis users. Additionally, users of Unifi and U Mobile had a significantly reduced Video Experience when streaming HD video, with both achieving ‘Poor’ ratings.

Download speed has been the focal point of the mobile industry ever since the first data networks came online nearly two decades ago. However, speed is just an abstract measurement, not an indication of how consumer actually experience the internet or applications on their mobile phones. This was emphasized by our research in Malaysia which demonstrated that while Maxis users did enjoy the best average download speeds and the best Video Experience, both Celcom and Digi users actually had a better Video Experience score than an estimate based purely on their download speed would suggest. Brendan Gill, CEO of Opensignal

You can take a look at the full research by going to the link here.

Pokdepinion: Well if you were expecting something else, well bad news. High speeds doesn’t always mean the best performance. There’s a lot of factors to take to account.

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