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U Mobile to offer iPhone X from only RM3465! Huge cut off the RM5149 SRP!

U Mobile to offer iPhone X from only RM3465! Huge cut off the RM5149 SRP!

by Vyncent ChanNovember 24, 2017
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U Mobile are offering the latest and sleekest iPhone X with a pretty good discount. Yes, the future of the smartphone with the revolutionary notched display. Customers will be able to get the device in stores from today onwards. And while the RM5149 SRP of the iPhone X 64GB may be a little too hard to swallow, U Mobile is here to make it go down easier.

U Mobile is offering the iPhone X 64GB at a subsidized price of as low as RM3465 with their Postpaid i130 plan. Of course, once you factor in the upfront payment and GST, the amount will balloon up to RM4690.50, but that is still a lot less than the RM5149 SRP Apple is charging. The upfront payment will be rebated over 24 months, so you are still getting a damn good deal here. The 256GB variant is also available from just RM4125, with the total amount you have to foot out being just RM5390.10, inclusive of the upfront payment and GST.

U Mobile will be offering the iPhone X with their U Mobile Postpaid and Prepaid i90 and i130 plans. This will give you access to up to 10GB of 4G Internet, 8GB of Roam Onz and unlimited Call Onz, Video Onz, Music Onz and App Onz as well as unlimited data for Waze navigation.

Customers from U Special, U Mobile’s loyalty program, will also receive a Mac City voucher worth RM200 if they purchase their Iphone X from 24th November to 26th November. For more details, head over to U Mobile’s iPhone X landing page.

Pokdepinion: With the rather insane pricing of the latest iPhones, the only logical way to get them is via telco bundles. This is a good start, but let’s see if the other telcos will one-up the offer here.

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