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unifi Turbo upgrades are still on track — but you may not be able to check

unifi Turbo upgrades are still on track — but you may not be able to check

by Vyncent ChanJuly 18, 2018
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TM just opened their verification page for unifi Turbo, and we are sure they must have been facing a massive surge of users on their sites. With so much demand for faster Internet speeds, this comes as no surprise. Well, that demand has apparently overwhelmed their servers, and the entire site is intermittently down.

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The roll-out for TM’s upgrade will be in two batches, the first set to receive their upgrades in August – December 2018, while the second batch will see faster Internet speeds by next year, sometime between January to June 2019.

So while we may not be getting the faster Internet earlier than expected, at least there is a time frame for the upgrades to be pushed out. The good news is the upgrades will not entail a contract renewal, a question that many of our readers have been asking.

Our friend in Meru, Perak has received confirmation that he will be in the first batch to receive the upgrades, so do let us know when are you receiving your upgrades, if you are getting them.

Pokdepinion: Can’t wait for everyone in Malaysia to enjoy really fast Internet. I have used 100 Mbps TIME Fibre before, and it was a luxury to be able to download everything you want.

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