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YTL Kicks Off Terragraph Trial In Penang — Offering More Than 1Gbps Connection Speeds For Free

YTL Kicks Off Terragraph Trial In Penang — Offering More Than 1Gbps Connection Speeds For Free

by Raja IdrisFebruary 18, 2019
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Today marks the start of the trial launch of Terragraph in the state of Penang, where it aims to supply gigabit speeds in urban areas.

The wireless technology, which was developed by Facebook, sees Malaysia as the second country in the world to feature it after Hungary.

It is conducted precisely in Georgetown for a period of six month. The fact that the area which is filled with old buildings and a distinguished UNESCO status makes it hard to deploy fibre. They hope in bringing in high-speed broadband access to the city by utilizing street furnitures such as street lamps, traffic lights, and utility poles.

Reportedly, Facebook has provided a reference design for the Telegraph hardware which consists of the tools and software that’s needed for the technology.

According to YTL’s CEO, Wing K. Lee, the technical breakthrough in providing gigabit wireless using Terragraph is a preview of a new 5G era.

At the launch, speed tests has shown that with Terragraph, it managed to get 1.3Gbps downloads as well as 1.7Gpbs uploads, which is certainly faster than what you’d get in most areas.

The Terragraph trial will begin from 1st of March 2019 and will be offered to the public as Free WiFi.

To find out more on the technologies that goes behind Terragraph, you can read more here on our previous post.

Pokdepinion: All I can say is, the people in Penang, well specifically Georgetown, are lucky.

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