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What’s deleted is not really gone — here’s how to recover lost files

What’s deleted is not really gone — here’s how to recover lost files

by Vyncent ChanJune 14, 2019
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I have accidentally formatted my SD cards in cameras before when switching between cameras. Apparently shooting in PAL and NTSC modes require differently formatted memory cards. Oh well. Or when after I am done with my review of a specific storage drive, I decide to format it. But what I formatted wasn’t the review drive, but a storage drive containing some important data. I done eff-ed up now, right? Well, apparently not. You can recover most of the data you deleted with software like EaseUS Recovery Wizard.

How does it work?

Some of the drives seem “empty”… but they actually aren’t.

There’s a reason why people need to do zero filling to properly sanitize their storage drives if it contained sensitive data. Or some go even further and  physically destroy their storage drives. That’s because the data is still in the drive, but only invisible to your OS. The space taken up by the data is seen by the OS as empty, but the data there is still there until you overwrite it with other data.

This process can take a very long time

That data is what EaseUS Recovery Wizard scans for and recovers for you. This is the suspenseful part, where the result of the scan will directly determine if you can recover the files or not. Depending on the amount of data that was previously in your drive, it can take quite some time. For a 960GB Phidisk WrathKeeper SATA SSD connected over USB 3.0, it takes around 2 hours 32 minutes to complete the scanning. In it was my anime collection, about 700GB of it. My memory card, which had about 9GB in it, took around 5 minutes.

These photos were accidentally deleted when my camera formatted my SD card. Now they are back!

Once it has done scanning, you can start recovering the files. You can even preview the files before recovering them, just in case you want to be sure about what you are getting back from the abyss. If you have lost important files and successfully recovered them, you would know how much of a relief that is. I definitely knew as I managed to recover my Computex 2019 photos which were accidentally deleted when I absentmindedly tapped on “Format” instead of “Cancel” when the Sony a7 prompted me to format my SD card.

Should you get it?

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional costs RM317.03 (USD 69.95) now, which means that you probably won’t be buying it to recover anime in your stash. But if you have lost some mission critical data, like photos taken at an event, you would know how important is the ability to recover lost data, and RM317 is a small price to pay for that. But, we have one more thing to tell you guys.

If you purchase it via the following link, you can get 50% off the price of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional. From the SRP of RM407.67 (USD 89.95), you can get it for just RM203.83 (USD 44.97)!

Get 50% off EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional!
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