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Check Out HUAWEI’s Latest Themes For HUAWEI And HONOR Smartphones

Check Out HUAWEI’s Latest Themes For HUAWEI And HONOR Smartphones

by Raja IdrisMarch 26, 2019
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Now if you are a smartphone user, precisely a person that uses HUAWEI or HONOR smartphones, you might want to check out the latest themes from their official app store.

HUAWEI Themes Bright Black

In HUAWEI Themes, users can discover various types of themes that fit their personal preferences. From bright colorful hues, to dark mysterious tones, there’s plenty of options (both free and paid) themes for you to choose from.

HUAWEI Themes UDesign

Users can personalize a a whole new experience with HUAWEI Themes. Themes will bring you a homepage that is styled with refreshing icons, compared to the normal ones.

HUAWEI Themes Special Stars

Now we can’t show you all the themes that’s available (that’d be way too much to show!), but rest assured that whatever type of theme style that you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it there.

Pokdepinion: Personally I like dark-themed themes. That bright black theme seems slick to me. How about you? What design would you go for?

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