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Going Back For This Festive Raya Period? Here’s Some Useful On The Road Tips For You!

Going Back For This Festive Raya Period? Here’s Some Useful On The Road Tips For You!

by Raja IdrisJune 11, 2018
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Got your bags packed for this Hari Raya season but worried about the travel that lies on the road ahead? Here are some tips on what you could do to make the journey a bit safer and smoother on the way back to your hometown with some studies provided by Waze.

#1 Plan Around High Traffic Areas And Peak Hours

In regards to preparation for the festive period, Waze has studied and identified high traffic areas as well as the worst time to travel, from this 12th of June to the 20th of June. If you’re heading towards Johor or Terengganu this Friday (when Hari Raya starts), the worst time that you could possibly choose is at 2PM – 4PM. For Kelantan, it’s best if you don’t drive around 3PM to 5PM. As for the worst time to drive in Kuala Lumpur during Hari Raya on Friday is 4PM until 6PM.

#2 Share Your Drive With Family

While it may seem not much, sharing your drive and ETA to your family is always assuring towards your family members. At least now your parents now what time that you should be arriving!

#3 Avoid Hanging Out In High Traffic Destinations

Needless to say, to avoid congestion, avoid congestion (duh!). Waze found out that the most favorite destinations during Hari Raya to be shopping centers at 20%, followed by restaurants, hotels, gas stations, and banks. So when you’re planning on your trip back hometown, make sure you take note of this.

#4 Watch Your Speed Limit

Of course, it would be great to have a quick and traffic jam-free drive. Despite that, know your limits, specifically your speed limits. Hey, it’s always better safe than sorry no? Think of all the love ones that are waiting for your arrival.

While it may not be Raya yet, with still a few more days to go, we here at wish you all a pleasant Hari Raya and a safe journey, no matter where you are headed towards this festive season.

Pokdepinion: Remember guys, always heed the laws of the road.

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