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HTC Sense for All?

HTC Sense for All?

by Vyncent ChanMay 13, 2015
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HTC Sense is arguably the best Android overlay out there. And now thanks to a great developer, you can experience a large part of it on your Android device running at least KitKat and above. Most of the Sense apps from the HTC One M9 has been ported out. But not without some technical skills, of course.

HTC Sense for All? 28

All these require a rooted device with custom recovery to work, so only try them if you don’t need your warranty or already out of the warranty period. There is also the HTC One M9’s camera and Blinkfeed launcher ported out complete with plug-ins. The camera however is only for devices running AOSP or CyanogenMod ROMs. The hardened modders might scoff at these restrictions and decide to try it on devices running other ROMs but as always in the world of modifying Android system files, do it at your own risk.

Pokdepinion: I was always a fan of Sense UI. Too bad the updates stopped coming after 4.2.2 for my HTC One X. But I will hold my horses until after ASUS releases Lollipop for my ASUS Padfone S, give it a proper judgement, before moving on with this mod. However since ZenUI is a nice overlay too, I might never make the jump to CyanogenMod just for the sake of having all the ported HTC apps including the camera. But ASUS better hurry because I am getting impatient ;)



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