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iOS Developers Said to Have Earned 64% More than Android Developers

iOS Developers Said to Have Earned 64% More than Android Developers

by Aiman MaulanaJune 28, 2019
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iOS Developers Said to Have Earned 64% More than Android Developers

It’s no secret that both Apple and Google like to show off their statistics on apps and the number of users that they have. While it’s true that Google has more users on Android, especially with the huge variety of devices on the platform, it appears that iOS is the place to go for mobile app developers and publishers to earn a higher revenue.

According to mobile app research firm Sensor Tower, the Apple App Store has made 64% more in gross income for publishers in Q1 2019 compared to Google Play Store. To put that into numbers, that’s USD $83.8 million compared to USD $51 million. While the latter is still a huge amount, there’s still noticeably more on the former’s side. It’s worth noting that the compound annual growth rate for iOS and Android are very similar, at 31.3% and 31.2% respectively.

When you break it down even further, it gets much more interesting. For non-gaming apps, iOS has earned 232% more than Android. To be precise, that’s USD $23.3 million dwarfing USD $7 million. Needless to say, it’s a huge difference but this may be attributed to exclusive apps, overall app quality on both stores, and also more users on Apple iPhones willing to splurge.

As for mobile games, the difference isn’t noticeably lesser. Apple App Store has reached USD $70 million whereas the Google Play Store reached USD $48 million, with there being a 48% difference between the two. While it’s hard to say exactly why iOS has the higher number aside from the similarly reasoned “more users on Apple iPhones willing to splurge”, microtransactions definitely play a huge role in this area, with practically every mobile game having them as an option.

It appears that the Apple App Store is the leading mobile app store when it comes to consumer spending.

Source: Sensor Tower

Pokdepinion: That is a huge difference in revenue. Now if only I can get just 1 million of that for myself.

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