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Now You Can Share Music On Instagram – Songs Tell Stories Too You Know!

Now You Can Share Music On Instagram – Songs Tell Stories Too You Know!

by Raja IdrisMay 3, 2018
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Instagram has been known famous for two thing (well atleast for sharing purposes perhaps), pictures and videos. Now users of the social media platform can share their favorite songs through Spotify.

Share Music On Instagram

Now You Can Share Music On Instagram - Songs Tell Stories Too You Know! 28

Share music on Instagram through Spotify

Not only you can share what songs that you are listening to, but you can also let your friends listen to them too. With Spotify’s new integration with Instagram and Facebook, it is now easier to share what you’re listening to at any point in the day.

Through Spotify’s new feature, you can now easily post whatever you are listening to on Spotify to your Instagram Story or even to friends through Instagram Direct. To utilize this new feature, when you are listening to a song on Spotify, you can simply tap Instagram Stories from the ‘share’ menu, and the app will unlock custom cover art stickers for every song, album, playlist, or artist on Spotify.

You can then use Instagram’s editing tools to beautify your picture with stickers and captions, because what is a post with captions right? Sounds easy enough? You don’t even have to connect your accounts between apps.

So the next time your friends check out your story, they’ll be able to tap a Play on Spotify button in the top left corner to listen to the music in the Spotify app or will redirect them to sign-up.

Look out for the Instagram Stories option in the ‘share’ menu on the Spotify mobile app, which is now available globally on iOS and Android and try it out yourself.

Pokdepinion: I guess it’s a nice addition to Instagram. Who knows, you might fancy a song that your friends shared. Music is meant to be share anyways :P Haven’t tried it on Instagram myself just yet, but maybe I will after this…

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