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Waze Now Lets You Know Toll Prices Before You Start Your Journey

Waze Now Lets You Know Toll Prices Before You Start Your Journey

by Raja IdrisNovember 25, 2019
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The folks at Waze has today launch their Toll Prices feature, which well, tells you the prices of tolls in Malaysia even before you start your travels.

Being one of the most requested feature for Waze, Toll Prices will allow users to view and compare toll prices when they are driving along tolled routes.

This was all possible due to the help of six volunteers from the Malaysia Waze community where they helped to collect and input toll price information.

The Toll Prices feature is automatically enabled and Waze users will see a Toll tag on the route if it does indeed has a toll road. For those with a toll pass can also select this in the app, which will then be taken into account when the routes are being generated.

Pokdepinion: I’ve always been more of a Waze guy than Maps. Now I like it even further!

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