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Waze Offers A Heads Up On How You Can Prepare For Ramadan

Waze Offers A Heads Up On How You Can Prepare For Ramadan

by Raja IdrisApril 29, 2019
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With the holy month of Ramadan coming soon, Waze has decided to give several tips on how you can beat the rush hours in the period, whether it being a commute home from work or to run errands in the Klang Valley region.

It seems that Waze predicts that drivers heading to work will face heavier traffic compared to when they are travelling home. Traffic is expected to be at its worst from 8am to 11am on weekdays and will only be smoother around 3pm.

If you’re in the search for fast food restaurants, you might want to avoid visiting them from 4pm to 7pm as people are getting ready to “buka puasa” with their family and friends. It is okay to go around 9pm onwards though.

It seems that shopping centers across the country are consistently crowded between 12pm and 4pm and are most packed from 5pm to 6pm. Similar to fast food restaurants, it’s because people plan on reaching home before “buka puasa” or those who plan on doing so at their nearest shopping mall. It’s best to make a trip from 7pm onwards.

In need of going to the ATM? Well during the month of Ramadan, traffic to banks around Malaysia fluctuates throughout the day. From 7am to 9am, there’s a steady increase of people making trips to ATMs, however traffic to banks start to rise after the doors officially open at 9.30 before it gets jam-packed between 12pm and 3pm. If you’re looking for an easy journey, do so from 4pm onwards as the crowd gradually dissipates and continues to decrease after that.

Last but not least, if you’re looking to fuel up your car for the day, start early and you will be rewarded with little to no queues at any of the petrol pump stations before and around 8am. Congestion starts from 9am onwards and you should avoid them during peak hours between 3pm and 6pm. If you need to refuel your car after work, it’s best to do so from 7pm onwards as they get less and less busy by the hour.

Pokdepinion: I’m definitely going to avoid of opening my fast at shopping malls or any fast food places. You definitely need to come early to book your seats beforehand. 

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